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The clue is in the name, Scare Zone is designed to scare! This will include but not limited to smoke ,strobe lighting, dark and confined spaces.

Actors will do everything but touch, to scare you!

There maybe sudden and loud noises.

We recommend people with pre existing medical conditions that could be aggravated by the effects should not enter.


The safety of guests and performers is paramount anyone believed to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be permitted into Scare Zone and maybe asked to leave the site.

Absolutely No smoking including (E cigs) Within the maze. For your own safety no running.

Only parent's know the limitations of their children. Day time event is PG and the evening is recommended for 12+ .

Most of Scare Zone is under cover, with some out-side areas, dress for the weather. Flat shoes are a must especially for the outdoor sections.  

Scare Zone is a fun?!? event ran by hard working volunteers. Anyone found causing damage to sets or abusing the actors will be asked to leave the site and may be subject to legal action.  

Expect the unexpected.

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