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About us

After a visit to the 1st ever Scarecon (conference for haunters) we were inspired to do something. What that was we had no idea. We looked to the USA, and settled on the home haunt idea, mixed with a pro haunt approach of the big boys like Thorpe Park, Alton Towers and the excellent Tulley's Farm.

Year 1 we used the props we had with three LIVE actors two were me (lol). Well ITV news turned up, and people wanted to pay us for it, so we knew we had got  something right.


After 4 years we had out grown the garden. We moved to Northallerton Cricket Club for 2 years, this gave us space but the builds had to be very quick. A day to build, a day for event and a day to pull down.  

A chance meeting with Simon got us to Northdale Horticulture. This has been the best thing to happen since the success of our 1st year. We have a charity to support ,storage ,space to grow, room for a second maze, they have built a family friendly event around us and hopefully multi night runs in the future. 2019  will be year 6 at Northdale.
A huge thanks 2019 was our biggest and best year yet. We raised£1325.01 for Northdale thanks

Scare Zone 2019

Well 2 days of madness down. It’s worth pointing out that no one get paid for Scare Zone it’s all done because we love what we do.


A Huge thanks to the team in order of appearance .
On the gate.

Emily (and make up)


The woods

Neil ( also master builder!)
Gary (chain saw and tunnel black out foreman)

Bloody every where Graham Ghost face Carr

The mine

Stu (builder, social media , general dogs body)

Shed and Gazebo

Tunnel 1
Elaine (also make up builder and keeps Stu in check)
Last but not least karine

Also thanks to Northdale for letting us do it. Everyone that put up a poster or shared our page and poster online.

Assistance on some technical stuff. Plumb base , Northallerton Commercials and JT Atkinson

Team Samies at Sam Turners for there group booking. Everyone of you for coming there’s no point in all the work if no one comes so the biggest thanks to all of you. Thanks!

Also ghost faces mate who got us The straw!

Sure I have missed some one sorry !

see you in 2020 .
Well 2020 never went to plan. Stupid Covid19  see you in 2021!
2021 wow over £2000 raised for Northdale!
2022 £3400 raised for Northdale 
2023 £2600 raised for Northdale
2024 Taking a break to go and visit USA in Halloween time.
2025 planning has started!
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