Happy New Fear


Happy New Fear from us all at Scare Zone.

We are doing things a bit different this year. With no all Inclusive night, all times for Saturday and Sunday will be bookable from April 1st. 

Until then you can come for free. Book a group of six and pay for just 5 people.

For full scare you can also use this option to come thru in a smaller group. If you book this ticket we will not add anyone to your group! We usually batch in groups of 6. If your feeling really brave you can do it on your own or as a 2,3,4 or 5 ! We got a lot of people asking for this option.

Full Scare 6 for 5


Half Scare 6 for 5


Small print

This offer is valid until end of March 2021.

its up to you how you use it 6 for 5 or to make sure you get maximum scare with a smaller group.

We hope the world is normal ish by October. If we have to cancel or amend terms due to corvid. You can take the terms ,swap to 2022 or get a full refund.

To speed up your wait time on the night we will ask you for date and time you want to come.